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Every city has its attractions. Things that make people want to live there. Gilbert Arizona is no different. It offers different incentives to act as attractions for people considering settling there. Some of the incentives include safety, great schools, social amenities and entertainment, great weather throughout the year, as well as infrastructure. If you are one that enjoys a small town lifestyle, you are likely to love Gilbert Arizona and what it has to offer. It is perhaps time you explored Brigette Peterson‘s town and made the decision to move there.

The weather and General Quality of Life in Gilbert Arizona

The Weather

Worried about cold weather? No need to! Down at Gilbert the weather is warm for most of the year. You can enjoy bright sunny days for much of the year. Just like the rest of Arizona, the winters are short with longer summers – over 300 days of sunshine in a year. When it gets very hot, you still get to go to any of the lakes in the area or the Salt Lake River for cool down. Other than the weather, Gilbert is relatively safe from natural calamities such as earthquakes. In fact, there is a 0.02% likelihood of an earthquake occurring in Gilbert.


Gilbert pastimeGilbert’s history as a farming town means it still has the advantages of a small town. You get to have many things close to you. For example, grocery stores, restaurants and even gas stations are all close to you. You will rarely have to worry about taking long drives to access some of the basic services. You also do not need to worry about last-minute purchases, as some of the stores are likely to be a few minutes’ walk from your house. Everything works to your convenience in this town. You can also get a variety of home-grown and homemade products at the Gilbert Farmers market, which opens on Saturdays. The town retains its small-town values, which make life simple and pleasant. Despite the small-town feel, Gilbert also has a vibrant big city liveliness due to its recent developments. The SanTan mall has trendy stores to cater for your trendy shopping needs.

Unlike some towns with run-down neighborhoods, the houses and yards in the Gilbert area are well kept and maintained. The maintenance of properties in the town help sustain the town’s aesthetics. The homes also have nice backyards with enough space to fit a pool or space to entertain guests and family. The space is ideal for barbeques and other fun activities.

Safety and Security

Gilbert is an exceptionally safe town. On average, the probability of experiencing violent crime in the town is about 1 out of 1,171. The possibility of being a property crime victim is about 1 in 72. The low crime rates make the town a safe place to raise your family. The rates are lower than in other towns in Arizona as well as the national rates in the US. Law Street Media ranked Gilbert as the 2nd safest city in the United States based on FBI Crime Statistics. The town ranks among the best places to raise a family in Arizona due to its family-friendly lifestyles as well as the low rates of crime.